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Company kindergarten

As the largest employer in the region, we provide work for entire families from near and far. Because the company is located in a small town, a company kindergarten turned out to be a sought-after service and an important benefit for our employees.

Currently, our kindergarten provides 12 places for children, who are looked after by two teachers. The kindergarten keeps within the same hours as the individual shifts in the company. The kindergarten opens at half past five in the morning and closes according to the parents’ needs.  It is also open during holidays and sometimes at weekends. Parents can visit the children any time during the day.

The parents only contribute to meals, which are largely provided by the organic farm run by the owner of BLANÁŘ NÁBYTEK. The aim is to offer the children a healthy and varied diet. This is why every morning they have a plate of fruit as a snack, and every afternoon a plate of vegetables.

The company runs the kindergarten at its own expense, including English lessons, swimming, a skiing course, regular thematic workshops for parents and children and various trips. A special curriculum is created for pre-school children. As we are talking about a kindergarten run by a furniture company, the furniture for the kindergarten was, of course, made by our company.  


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