The stories of our beds have been created by you for thirty years.
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The company BLANÁŘ NÁBYTEK was founded in 1989. Two years later, Roman Blanář became the company’s owner, and he decided to specialize in the serial production of upholstered bedroom furniture. The company's transformation to a joint stock company in 2001 represented an important milestone. In recent years, the company has changed from a small regional producer to become the largest domestic manufacturer of beds, employing over 500 people. Annually, the company produces 250 thousand upholstered beds.

Our single and double beds of all kinds, along with sofas, mattresses and bed bases, can be purchased from three hundred stores and retailers all over the Czech Republic. Over half of our output is exported to Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia and Spain.

Throughout its existence, the company has striven continuously to improve the quality of our products and services in order to stand up to domestic and foreign competitors and to ensure that customers will trust the company and return. The fact that we manage to realize our goals is proven by the long-term and high-ranking position of BLANÁŘ NÁBYTEK a.s. on the market, as well as its various certificates and awards. Of course, our success is also due to qualified staff with a responsible approach to work.

We are glad that we can deliver quality products and professional advice and take into account your individual needs, so that you can have a bed in which you can sleep well for years on end. We sleep one third of our lives, so let’s make it worth it! 

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